The venue

The KBS 2024 venue is the Fremantle campus of Notre Dame University, located in the city’s historic West End.

The symposium will be hosted in the Tannock Hall of Education (Building ND4), located on the corner of Cliff Street and Croke Street.

Getting there

Entry is via the double sliding doors at the corner of Cliff Street and Croke Street. Look out for directional signage and banners (of host institution, National Drug Research Institute).

Daily plenary sessions will be held in the Tannock Hall lecture theatre, on the ground floor of Tannock Hall (Building ND4) with breakout sessions in the lecture theatre and upstairs on Level 1 and Level 2.

Notre Dame is a flat 5 minute walk from the centre of Fremantle and the famous South Terrace ‘cappuccino strip’.



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