Full paper submission

Full paper submission is expected by 26 April 2024.

General information

  • The paper should be written following the same structure of the abstract (introduction, methods, results and conclusion). We recommend not to exceed 16 pages
  • Papers must be submitted in pdf format.
  • Papers will be available to registered participants (that have paid their registration fees) in their participant's zone.
  • We inform you that the papers submitted to the 2024 annual meeting shall be included later in the Kettil Bruun Society's archive of papers presented at its annual symposia.
  • As with the availability of current conference papers, the access to the archive will be password protected and limited to KBS members.
  • Should you need to cancel an uploaded file please email: .
  • If you want to upload a corrected version of your paper, please repeat the upload process in your participant's zone.


Participants must log-in to submit their article.


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