Getting here

More than 30 international and domestic airlines travel to Perth, with direct flights available from 14 countries, including from London, Rome, Auckland and Tokyo, and from all Australian capital cities. KBS 2024 will be hosted in Fremantle, which is a 30-minute drive south of Perth.

Arriving here

All international and domestic flights arrive at one of four terminals at Perth Airport.

For international passengers, your airline will give you an Incoming Passenger Card before you arrive. If you are carrying items such as food, animal products or plant material (including wooden articles) these must be declared on your Incoming Passenger Card or disposed of in the bins at the airport.

  • Click here for more information on what you can and can’t bring into Australia.

On arrival, eligible travellers can self-process through Passport Control ‘SmartGates’ using ePassport data and face recognition technology. Your passport is an ePassport if it has a small camera symbol at the bottom of the front cover. Eligible passports include visitors from about 30 countries, including Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

After you pass through inbound passport control, you can collect your baggage. Note: your baggage may be checked by Australian Border Force and/or Department of Agriculture biosecurity officers.

  • Click here for more information about eligibility and arriving in Australia

Airport transfers

KBS 2024 is hosted in Fremantle, which is a 30-minute drive south of Perth. There are multiple options to travel from Perth Airport to Fremantle, including public transport, taxis, rideshare and airport transfers.


A new Airport Line provides a train connection from Perth Airport, with trains operating every 15 minutes from Airport Central Station from 5.45am until after midnight.

Trains to Fremantle leave from Platform 1 (from Airport Central Station at Terminals 1 and 2, and from Redcliffe Station at Terminals 3 and 4). Passengers to Fremantle will swap trains at Perth Station (Platform 7) or at Claremont (Platform 2) before continuing on to Fremantle. The trip from Perth Airport to Fremantle takes just over 1 hour, and tickets can be purchased at the station. Note: Fremantle is the final stop on the Fremantle line, and Fremantle Station is a short walk from central Fremantle.

  • Click here for more information about the Airport Line


Taxis are on hand at all times of day and night to pick up arriving passengers. It is a 30-minute drive to Fremantle, depending on time of day and traffic.

Taxi ranks are located at the front of all terminals. Follow the signs to the nearest taxi rank.

  • Note : You may be asked by your taxi driver to pay your fare in advance. A $4 fee is added to your fare if you are catching a taxi from the terminals.


Perth Airport has dedicated rideshare pick-up areas to service all terminals, with DiDi and Uber ridesharing services available at Perth Airport.

Perth Airport recommends waiting until you have collected your luggage and are ready to leave before requesting your ride.

There are dedicated rideshare pick-up bays within easy walking distance of each terminal. Follow the signs or check the map. Note: A $4 airport fee applies to all pick-ups at Perth Airport.

Private transfers

There are several operators who offer personalised private airport transfers to provide you with a door-to-door service, such as Perth Airport Shuttle. All transfers require pre-booking.


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