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We're less than two weeks away now, so some important reminders while you're preparing for your travel:

  • We're not making up satchels this year, in an effort to reduce waste, so pack your favourite conference bag, either from a previous KBS or another conference, and be in the running for the inaugural KBS Best Satchel prize*.
  • Upload your paper before the conference. If you haven't uploaded your paper yet please get in touch with your discussant so they're aware of the timeframes they're working towards. You can check the program here and upload the paper via this link.
  • Check the speaker, chair and discussant guidelines. Remember to create your presentations in 16:9 screen configuration, bring your presentations on a USB for uploading, and include your declarations of interest.
  • Pack a red or white t-shirt for the annual KBS football game on the Tuesday evening. The game will have extra significance this year, but remember we're aiming for fun not the World Cup.
  • If you are in Western Australia on the Friday morning before the conference, a panel of KBS luminaries will be presenting at 'International Alcohol Policy Forum: Global Perspectives on Reducing Harm'. Click here for the details.

If you have any questions, please email Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

 * Prize TBC, may actually just be glory...

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